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Deep Diver Tea Infuser

Deep Diver Tea Infuser

A deep sea diver tea infuser; super cute for those times when you need a something a little different to infuse your tea. 

This guy is really adorable. It makes those tea times even more special and fun.

Pretty cool conversation piece as well as a cool gift for a co-worker, friend or family member that's partial to tea.

He works pretty well: fill him up with tea leaves, close him up, attach his "belt" that encloses the whole thing and send him down into the depths. He'll sit there gently infusing your water with those precious tea leaves.

One thing to keep in mind: that belt can easily get lost. If you have kids, maybe don't let them play with this, because if you do lose his belt you'll have a hard time keeping him closed.

Aside from that, it's super cute and a neat little gift.


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