Darth Vader BBQ Apron

Darth Vader BBQ Apron

Hoo boy, a badass Darth Vader BBQ apron....

Ok, I've never actually worn an apron before to cook food, at least as an adult. Maybe in Home Economics class in middle school was the last time I've worn an arpon. Even the word "arpon" itself is so un-manly. 

But this is different. It's a DARTH VADER APRON! It's badass! I can definitely see myself wearing this. What a great Father's Day gift this would make. 

Now, I don't cook a lot, but I do BBQ occasionally. And this would make me WANT to BBQ that much more! I can definitely see getting up on a Sunday morning and making pancakes for the kids with this bad boy on. It's just another excuse to cook something up.

Or I might just wear it for the wife. You know, JUST the apron... and we'd see what sort of stuff we could get up to.

This apron can also be ordered with different prints on it - like Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, Han Solo, Wonder Woman, Flash, Spider-Man, Superman, Hulk, etc. Holy cow. (Does anyone actually say Holy Cow anymore? I just did, so apparently so.)

I can see using this a ton over the years, and it should last quite a while. For well under $15 shipped on Amazon, this is quite the deal for the Star Wars fan in your life. Grab one as a gift today!

Via amazon.com