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Darryl Dixon Crossbow Coffee Mug

Darryl Dixon Crossbow Coffee Mug

The most badass Zombie asskicker ever, Darryl Dixon on a cool crossbow shaped coffee mug! Oh yeah, Walking Dead fans, this thing is awesome!

This coffee mug features Darryl Dixon on one side and the official The Walking Dead [AMC] logo on the other. The coolest part though is the shaped crossbow handle and front!

Every time you take a sip of coffee from this mug you can envision Darryl putting an arrow through another walker's head.

If you love Darryl Dixon/Norman Reedus as much as we do you might be soreley tempted to purchase this mug despite it's slightly high price. At $57 for a coffee mug it's not quite an instabuy - unless you're a huge Walking Dead fan or perhaps one of Dixon's Vixens (yes he has a fan club - with many members!)

And even as a dude, this writer can see why. Darryl is awesome. He looks great and always has really cool hair, despite the fact that the nearest hair stylist is a zombie and can't even properly hold clippers. He's a wiry muscled badass that takes out the zombies with style and leaves the ladies swooning. I get it. And the motorcycle and leather don't hurt either.

And the crossbow, oh the crossbow. Such a simple weapon yet oh so effective and cool on the screen for zombie killin'!

Did you know that the particular brand/model of crossbow used on The Walking Dead is the Horton Scout HD 125 crossbow? More interesting is that Norman Reedus takes it home after shooting every day.

Some other reasons why Darryl is the freakin man - here are some of our favorite quotes of his:

Daryl (talking to Andrea): "Shoot me again, you best pray I'm dead."

Daryl: "You got some balls for a Chinaman."

Glenn : "I'm Korean."

Daryl: "Whatever."

Daryl: "Am I the only one zen around here? Good Lord!"

But these are just a couple of the good ones. What are some of your favorite Darryl quotes? Is he your favorite Walking Dead character? If so, why?


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