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A Curiously Designed "UNT" Mug

A Curiously Designed "UNT" Mug

This mug has a curious selection of letters on it. UNT... whatever could that mean? Perhaps the mug's handle offers us a clue, as it is painted black.

We're not sure though. Is it an anagram? Perhaps for University of Northern Tibet? Unicycling Nordic Timberwolves? Undead Nectarines of Time?

Whatever the case, this UNT mug surely peforms it's job well. It holds liquids (hot OR cold, mind you) like nobody's business. You pour liquid in, it STAYS in there. Well, unless you use the laws of physics to spill the mug or otherwise move the liquid. We did NOT test this mug to withstand an earthquake, but we assume that it will perform admirably as all mugs should have basic anti-earthquake protection built in.

This mug holds up to 325ml of your favorite liquid. Hell, it'll even contain your non-favorite liquids if you want, although we're not sure why you would. Maybe you're masochistic against yourself or something.

Really though, why is the word, "cunt" so rough? In Britain it's used a lot more liberally and doesn't hold as much meaning. But break out the C-word in mixed company and you're likely to offend at least a few people. We say, say it loud and proud so that it loses its meaning. Cunt. Cunt cunt cuntily cunt cunt. See? That didn't hurt anyone, did it?


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