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Cthulhu Tentacled Knit Beanie

Cthulhu Tentacled Knit Beanie

A nicely crafted knit beanie with Chtulu-like tentacles. In a word, awesome.

"In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming..." 

This beanie is a great find on Amazon for under $5!  Hilarious, badass, and warm. A great gift for the geeky Lovecraft fan.

Very soft and warm, the tentacles themselves are open breathing holes. This beanie simply commands attention, good bad or otherwise!

This is very good quality - especially for the price. Very nice woolen warn to keep you very warm; almost too warm at times. But if you get too warm for a minute, you can simply lift the tentacles up for a bit and cool off.

This particular version of the Cthulu beanie isn't lined, so the wind can sometimes feel a bit cold. If you're going to be skiing with this you *might* want to wear something underneath it.


Categories: Athletic, Geeky, Wearable