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Cruise Ship Porthole Decal

Cruise Ship Porthole Decal

You are looking at one cruise ship porthole decal. This is great for slapping on your bedroom or office wall and pretending you're on a cruise :p It's a great way to get a smile. Maybe use it in the work bathroom. Put this porthole decal anywhere that needs some brightening up with a window to the ocean.

Also, these porthole stickers are great for cruises. Ever notice how all the cabin doors look exactly alike? You're walking down the hall and can't figure out where in the hell your room is? Slap a porthole decal on your door to instantly recognize it. Or give yourself a window in your cabin.

If you peel it off slowly you should even be able to take the sticker home with you and re-use it. Keep the original backing and put the decal back on there.


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