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Crafting With Cat Hair

Crafting With Cat Hair

Yes, this is real. A crafting book for doing things hair. Hey, we're not gonna judge. 

This book lets you take all that stray cat hair and transform it into works of art - like finger puppets, cat toys, picture frames and much more! These cat hair projects mostly take under an hour.
You might love cats, and who doesn't? They're, warm, furry and adorable. Well most of them, anyway. Just because they're really alien creatures that control us with an advanced telepathy doesn't mean we shouldn't cater to their every whim. 
It's true! Some guy did a whole bunch of research and found that there's a form of bacteria that comes from cat poop that infects humans and makes them more receptive to and loving of cats. Makes sense, as the "Crazy Cat Lady" gets older and older, she gets more and more cats. 
They exert their control over a person over time, see? It starts out with one cat and a few toys but eventually morphs into dozens of cats and walkways all around the wall of your home. The Egyptians knew that cats were an advanced alien species and that's why they immortalized and worshipped them. Probably also where they got their advanced technology and ability to build pyramids. They exchanged treats, tummy scratching and warm, fuzzy beds for the knowledge of how to harness an unlimited amount of energy from the environment and cut stone with laser-like precision. A fair trade, except that the ancient cat race dominated their will after time.
But we digress. 

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