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Cowboy Mustache Pacifier

Cowboy Mustache Pacifier

Hey, it's all about equal opportunity, so why can't little girls have nice big mustaches?

The Mustache Pacifier is for babies and toddlers from between 3-36 months old. It is an orthodontic-shaped pacifier made of silicone that is 100% BPA free.

Many people say it's hilarious, but we don't know - we don't have a kid to use this with. No matter, we've used it ourselves and while we get some odd looks, no one cracks up laughing at us. Maybe they think we're a little off. Pfff, whatever, adults can't have pacifiers in the shape of a cowboy mustache? *THOSE* people are weird, because we just like to have fun! :-p

Anyway, even if you have an ugly baby this will make them look great. Not that you do. No one thinks their baby is ugly do they? We are genetically disposed towards thinking our own babies are the most beautiful things ever; it's part of the reason we feel the need to protect them. Is there anyone who geniunely admits their baby is ugly? We'd like to see the stats on that.

In any case, this awesome cowboy facial hair will make your baby the life of the party. Or the life of the grocery store, doctor's office, or wherever you happen to take your cute little bundle of joy.

So while your baby will light up a room by himself or herself, the Cowboy Mustache Pacifier will add that little bit of extra joy!


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