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Corksicle Wine Chiller

Corksicle Wine Chiller

Now this is a brilliant idea: a freezable, reusable plastic cork that keeps your wine chilled. Great for maintaining chilled white wines and cooling room temperature red wines.
No more ice bucket required to keep your wine the perfect temperature. Ice buckets are messy and can actually get your bottle of wine TOO cold. As most experienced wine drinkers know,  the colder something gets the less taste it has. You want that perfect temperature that is just warm enough to allow the complex flavors to be tasted. 
You just toss it the Corksicle wine chiller in the freezer for like 90 minutes and then drop it in your favorite red or white wine to help it maintain the perfect temperature.
One of the "coolest" products we're had the pleasure of reviewing! (*cue sad trombone*)