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Coollife Tactical Pen

Coollife Tactical Pen

A great, heavy pen that doubles as a defensive weapon. It can break a cars window in case of emergency, it's great to carry on you when walking through a parking lot late at night, and hey - it writes!

It's made of a super strong aluminum alloy and won't break if you ever have to stab someone or otherwise use it to incapacitate a person.

It has a diamond thread design at the handle which makes for "excellent anti-skid ability". In human terms that means you're probably not going to drop it and it's not going to fall out of your hand if you ever use it to strike someone.

It also comes equipped with a manganese steel pen holder that you can use to hook to a backpack, purse, notebook, etc. 

This is a really effective, cheap and everyday carry item that can be tossed just about anywhere. Great for places that you can't carry a gun (or don't want to).