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Concentrate "Food For Thought" Smart Lunchbox

Concentrate "Food For Thought" Smart Lunchbox

This smartly crafted lunchbox for adults is very well thought out: it keeps fruit sage and separated and has pots for smaller items like grapes, nuts, yogurt, etc. Bonus: a thermospot on the back that lets you know if it's still cool!

The Food for Thought lunchbox says that it is designed in part to get people to eat more fruit and veggies. Part of the problem is that the fruit and veggies get squished and damaged pretty easily in a normal lunch container. This "keeps 'em seperated" and safe.

The Concentrate lunchbox is available in a bunch of different colors. It snaps together so there's no worry about it accidentally opening and the contents spilling everywhere.

The Food For Thought lunch pail is also very durable and is not going to get crushed. Just throw it in a bag, backpack or briefcase and you're styling. Kids can even literally throw it in a locker without worrying about breaking anything.

The pots for smaller items are self sealing too, so they won't bust open during transit either. It even has a spot in the back to write your name so no one else takes your food.

Of course, in some work environments, that's not going to stop people. We've seen some REALLY brazen stuff - people eating your food shortly after you put it in the work fridge, right in broad daylight!

Unfortunately, this smart lunchbox isn't smart enough to get fingerprints, take a photo of the culprit or otherwise indict that lunch theiving bastard... however it's cheap and it's prety damn awesome!


Categories: Food & Drink, Office