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Collapsible Shot Glass

Collapsible Shot Glass

Awesome! A collapsible shot glass that you can take anywhere. Great for camping, sporting events, travelling, road trips, picnics... well pretty much anywhere you want to be able to do a shot.

If you're serious about your drinking (and you like hard liquor) this is a no-brainer. Of course it's also fun for kids (and adult kids) to do shots of things like milk or apple juice.

This shot glass is actually rather easy to clean and also works pretty well on your keychain. When folded up/collapsed, the shot glass doesn't take up that much room.

Now you can whip out your flask AND a shot glass and amaze your friends and family with your drinking accoutrements. And at your apparent dedication to alcoholism. Hey, we're not gonna judge, we own one of these.  :-o 


Categories: Drinking