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Classic Video Game Controller Ornament Set

Classic Video Game Controller Ornament Set

Classic Video Game Controller Ornament Set

A set of 4 classic & retro videogame console controllers for hanging on the Christmas tree!

Some of the most popular videogame controllers ever: the Atari 2600 joystick, the original Nintendo controller, the Sega Genesis controller and the original PlayStation one. Sure, some have been left out, but if you had to pick 4 it's hard to argue with these 4. 

Oh sure, the XBOX and XBOX 360 controllers are sweet and it's hard to argue with the PS2 controller either. And there are those among use who would argue for adding the Nintendo 64 or Dreamcast controllers.

Now before you start jumping for joy, hear us out. These aren't full size 1:1 scale replicas of the orginal controllers. Thy are 1/16th scale, which leaves them fairly dinky. However they look great, are high quality and actually pretty heavy. Probably would be better on a smaller tree - on a huge tree they might look a little forgotten compared to other larger ornaments.

All said though, these are a sweet gift for the geeky videogamer in your life. As a bonus, when we posted this it was on sale by over 60%! Get on it!


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