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Chumbuddy 2 - Shark Sleeping Bag

Chumbuddy 2 - Shark Sleeping Bag

The Chumbuddy sleeping bag is a super plush, soft sleeping bag designed for the person who dreams of one day being eaten by a shark.

The dorsal fin is removable and can be used as a pillow!

The Chumbuddy measures 24x16x8. The model in the picture is 6'2 tall so it comfortable sleeps just about anyone.

This is the second version of the Chumbuddy sleeping bad, made to be easier to carry and work better as an actual sleeping bag. All units are hand made in the USA.

The positives of this bag include that it can double as a lounge chair, it's very big, soft and cuddly and can scare off people who don't like sharks or pseudo-scary stuffed animals.

On the minus side, this thing is really warm to sleep in. Could be a good thing to sleep out in the cold with, but generally it might be a little too hot indoors. It might be hard to wash this sleeping bag - you may have to use a large sized washer, hand clean or send to the dry cleaners.  Also, did we mention it's BIG? Yeah, it takes up a lot of square footage.


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