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Chainmail Necktie

Chainmail Necktie

An awesome chainmail necktie - what more should be said about it other than IT'S A NECKTIE MADE OF FRICKIN' CHAINMAIL! 

That's right, real chainmail, with individual links of metal. So badass, and a great way to make a statement at a party or a work event. Or just, hey for an average normal day.

This will fit most sizes and you coan remove individual links to make it fit better. You'll have to use a pair of pliers to do so but it isn't that difficult.

Wear it to a bar along with your viking beard to show just how badass you are! It might not deflect a dead-on hit by a sword or axe, but when you can't wear a fuill suit of chainmail, you can still at least have a little something to protect you (and look awesome while doing so). 

Great for that kid (or big kid) who loves knights, swords, vikings, and all manner of medieval accoutrements.


Categories: Adult, Humor, Office, Wearable