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Capacitive gloves that let you use your smartphone

Capacitive gloves that let you use your smartphone

These gloves are for using an iPhone, Android or other touch screen devices without having to take off the gloves and get your fingers all cold! Keep your hands warm and use your phone or tablet with no problem all winter!

Cold Phalanges are one of the world's fastest-growing problems. Won't you think of the children with no capacative gloves? In a world where many kids have a phone by age 13, frost bitten fingertips while texting in the cold can be a real issue. First world problems, eh?
Yup, most touch-screen devices work by a capacative interface. Wuzzat, you say? Well our fingers, actually our whole body emits electrical signals. Just like The Matrix showed, we are electrical creatures that can be harnessed for energy!
The iOS and Android interfaces have tiny lines on them that can track when the electrical signal from our fingers (or tongue, or elbow, or most any body part, even... um... the unmentionables). Most gloves dampen that electrical signal so that the phone or tablet is rendered unusable (of course, in a pinch you could lick the screen to say, answer a call...). These gloves are conductive, so the electrical signal transfers to the device.
Your Mr. Wizard moment is now concluded. 

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