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Can of Creamed Possum

Can of Creamed Possum

If you've never tried creamed possum, you are missing out! Ok, this is a total gag gift, but it's a great one! 

Fool co-workers, friends and family with this one. Marketed as "An Original Southern Delight", it's also good for people that live in or grew up in the south. I got this for a friend and joke with him that he grew up on possum. He plays along nicely, and this can is proudly displayed on his cubicle.

Not that you'd ever want to, but you can't actually eat the contents of this can. It's not possum, it's not meat - it contains "Composted Organic Material", although some people say it's more like foam pellets. (My friend never opened his, he wants to keep it sacrosanct.)

People that we work with think it's funny and many people that visit the office laugh and wonder where he got it. I have a special pride in buying such a cool gift :) 

Some people even think it's real. Of course we keep up the joke and my friend Bill plays the role of the hick that actually eats possum. 

Fun! Cool! Tasty!  :p


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