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"Bucky Balls" Magnetic Balls Cube Toy

"Bucky Balls" Magnetic Balls Cube Toy

These things are FUN! They're tiny, magnetic metal balls. If that's all you knew about them, you probably wouldn't think much of them. <infomercial voice>BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!</infomercial voice>

These magnetic balls (also known as bucky balls, neocubes, nanodots or neomagnetic cubes) are addictingly awesome! Like Legos, they can be transformed into an infinite variety of shapes. 

They're super pleasing to the touch and very soothing to play with. Each set comes with 216 of these beautiful little spheres. 

They can be a puzzle, a stress reliever, a form of art, or a desk toy that you come back to again and again. (A desk toy that distracts you from way too much time at work btw.) 

Using the principle of mathematics and magnetism you can create an infinite variety of patterns and geometric shapes.

And, they're an absolute STEAL at the price we're selling them. There are very few places you can buy these.


Now, we have to say that while these are fun for almost any age, they can be dangerous to kids under 8. They can be easily swallowed and cause intestinal issues. Be VERY careful with these around younger kids.

That aside, these things are so much fun! You'll be playing with them for hours and hours. Your kids and office mates will borrow/steal them and you'll be sad. So buy 2. ;) 




Age Range: > 8 years old
Type: Magic Ball (Yes, it's really magic. ;) )
Material: Metal (Duh.)
Color: Silver
Pieces: 216
Net Weight (kg): 0.03
Dimension (cm): 2.4*2.4*2.4


Categories: Kids, Toys