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Breakaway Glass Bottles

Breakaway Glass Bottles

These are professional grade cast props - made specifically for breaking over someones head during a movie shoot. But you can smash them over anyone's head - anywhere!

Ok, maybe not anyone, anywhere, but smashing them over a friend's head at a party will be a blast ---- especially when you're doing around some unsuspecting people! 

You could start up a fake fight, grab a bottle and get mad and then proceed to hammer your buddy over the head. Maybe he falls down and plays dead, holding his head... while doing so, he could apply some fake blood. You could really take this prank quite a way.

Or just smash a few for funsies. 

Here's what you get:

  • 3 Amber Breakaway Beer Bottles with "Beerweiser" labels (I.E. Budweiser)
  • 3 Green Breakaway Beer Bottles with "Youngs Lager" labels (Think Yuengling)
  • 2 Green Breakaway Bordeaux Wine Bottles with "St. Maria" label
  • 1 Blue Breakaway Vodka Bottle with "Sevodnya" label (Fake Russian Vodka, like Stolichnaya)
  • 1 Clear Breakaway Vodka Bottle with "Snirmoff" label (If you can't figure that one out, well we can't help you)
  • 1 Amber Breakaway Scotch Whiskey Bottle with "Scotch Whiskey" label
  • 1 Dark Green Breakaway Champagne bottle with "La Verre Casse" label

Bummer... you have to apply the labels yourself. What the? Ah well, these are still pretty cool!

(Note - you can actually make your own breakaway prop bottles)


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