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Bottle Opener Case For iPhone 5/5S

Bottle Opener Case For iPhone 5/5S

Do you like to drink or otherwise open bottles? Do you like to not have your iPhone break when you drop it? Awesome, this case might be for you!

Even cooler, the included app keep track of every beverage you open, so you can remember just how many you drank - today or in your lifetime from here on out! The app has a ton of extremely crazy sounds that can be played when you open a bottle.

How fun is that!? Open a bottle, a cow moos. Open bottle, and it farts. Simple and stupid, yes, but also fun - at least the first several times someone hears it.

But it'll impress at parties, as you'll always have your bottle opener with you. There's also that one random bottle of import or microbrew where you need a bottle opener and no one has one handy. But here you are to the rescue, your smooth and suave self says, "stand back ladies and gentlemen, I have such a bottle opener". With gusto and confidence you whip your iPhone out of your pocket, grab the beer, and yoink off the cap, accompanied by fanfare of trumpets blazing, announcing the job well done. Soon everyone is happily imbibing their alcoholic beverages thanks in no small part to you, and your decision to purchase this fine iPhone case.

It's a very strong case with a reinforced back that easily absorbs most shocks. It's on par with the Otterbox series of cases - i.e. it's not just a chincy case that's slightly bigger than the phone. It offers really good protection to most of the phone. Of course, it doesn't cover the front of the phone, leaving it fully open to scratches or possible breaks. You might want to think about getting at least a plastic screen protector for the front. (They're really cheap on Amazon, like $1.50 for 6 here.)

Available in blue, green, orange and black. Aside from black, they're very bright, vibrant colors. (And the black is um... really really black!)

This is for the iPhone 5, 5S and 5C.

Get down witcher bad self and pick up your combo iPhone case/bottle opener today!


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