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The Bobcat Mullet Wig

The Bobcat Mullet Wig

Ever wanted a mullet but didn't want to take the time to grow it out properly, only to quickly chop it off after realizing how bad it looks? Worry no more, with the Bobcat Mullet!

It's an instant mullet wig that'll look great and (probably) match your hair color. It comes with a headband to help disguise the transition from your hair to the mullet wig, PLUS the headband is AWESOME.

It's available in black, brown or white/blond, so sorry redheads, but you're out of luck. 

It's the perfect Halloween custome or just bumming around party item for some laughs. Pair it with a "Murica" shirt, some Budweiser and jean shorts and you have the perfect redneck costume.

Awesome white elephant gift or "prank" gift. Of course it might start off os a goof, but once the partying starts, it's going to be a hit! Grab a bunch of these for a fun boys night out on the town. The ladies will love it, we are telling you.


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