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Boba Fett Plush Backpack

Boba Fett Plush Backpack

A backpack of one of the most badass and coolest bounty hunters ever. Jetpack and rockets don't function, but otherwise this is the coolest backpack/jetpack in the galaxy.

This is the perfect gift for a Star Wars fan, old school or new school alike.

This Boba Fett backpack stands about 27" high and has a mainzippered  compartment, back slot you can slide stuff into (doesn't close) and 2 zippered side silos where the rockets are.

It looks awesome and we really want this. There are 2 possible caveats about it however.

One is that the rocket in the middle can be a little floppy. This can, however be rectified by putting a simple metal wire in it and propping it up.

The other drawback is that it's a little bit small. It'll carry a good amount of stuff, but maybe it's just a little smaller than we're used to - but we carry around 15" laptops in our bags. It should function just fine for some school books or smaller laptops. But for 15" or 17" inch laptops we don't think this book bag is gonna cut it.

All in all though, this thing just looks so cool! Be prepared if you buy it because you're gonna get so many great comments and thumbs ups from other Star Wars geeks.