Texas tomato cages are a really handy thing for a gardener looking to grow tomatoes. If you’re a seasoned gardener that has grown tomatoes before, you’re likely familiar with different types of wire cages that give support to the tomato plant as it’s growing.

This is because the fruit of the plant, the tasty tomato itself is too heavy for the stem of the plant to hold. this results in the tomato hanging down and possibly breaking the stem, ruining the tomato, or simply drooping down enough for the tomato to rest on the ground – which can lead to rot and make it easier for pests to get at it.

Here are some Texas tomato cages when folded down. See how they’re spiral? This is what allows you to fold them up.

This is why a tomato cage or trellis is a very handy thing to have. Typically, these cages are made of wire and can support the plant at various height as it grows. Sometimes you have to guide the plant and make sure it rests properly against the cage to support it, but otherwise there’s not a lot of work involved.

The beauty of them is that they are spiral tomato cages and have a very unique method of breaking down. That is, at the end of the year, after you’ve harvested, your cages will fold down flat, making it very easy for cleanup. Not only that but it makes storage of the wire tomato cages very easy – you need much less room to store them.

They’re also incredibly strong, durable and will last many growing seasons. Of course they won’t withstand a tornado (what would!) but the wire tomato cages can stand up to just about anything shy of one! And the best part is that because they’re so strong, your tomato plants will have the support they need year-round and will have a chance to grow nice and big and strong and juicy.

Actually, these cages are not just for tomatoes. That’s their primary use, but other vegetables can be grown using Texas tomato cages as well, such as peppers and eggplants.

Texas tomato cages are great and we heartily recommend them to the gardener of any skill level!

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