Some of us grew up with concrete or hard-packed dirt as the surface covering in our parks. Well, as technology progresses, we keep finding ways to have better safety and rubber tiles are becoming increasingly more common in our parks and playgrounds.

Rubber tiles are simple foam rubber tiles made from colored rubber granulate. They offer a safety surface that has a very, very high impact absorption level. What this means in laymans terms is that rubber safety tiles offer much more protection than any other sort of sports surface or safety surface.

Playground Rubber Tiles - For Safety

Outdoor rubber tiles are fantastic for our parks and playgrounds. Did you know that about 50,000 injuries per year happen in the backyard playground? 69% of thoes injuries are related to not having any sort of rubber playground tiles or safety flooring to protect kids from a hard fall. If a child falls from thirty inches, it can leads to a fracture or laceration according to the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission) – safety flooring can cut down on this greatly.

Rubber tile surfaces not only offer great safety features but are easy to install. Some are interlocking rubber tiles that snap together like jigsaw puzzle pieces. Then the tiles are connected with a polyurethane glue, that way kids can’t pull them up. They’re typically recycled rubber tiles and have antislip and sound absorbing features as well. They’re resistant to humidity too.

Rubber tiles at a playground

Outdoor playground rubber tiles can be assembled quickly and on almost any surface. In some cases you’ll want to level out the surface, and in others you may want to use rubber mulch if the grade is too high and differentiated.

Another huge advantage of rubber safety surfacing like these tiles is that they don’t crack. Cement surfaces only last so long, but rubber tile will last for decades. And even better, when a few tiles actually do break down due to wear and tear, you can just change out that tile or section of rubber tiles.

This sort of interlocking tile system is fantastic and affordable for any municipality, and even doable for your homes backyard playground. They even come in different colors to make it fun and attractive for the kids! As you can see there are many great reasons to go with rubber tiles as a safety surface.


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