Rubber flooring tiles are fantastic as another viable option for flooring. Rubber tiles are great in places where other sorts of floor covering just isn’t safe enough or where the traffic is so much and people run roughshod over it where it can be damaged easily. You don’t have to compromise on style with these tiles, they can be used indoors or outdors and the cost is really good too. 

Not all rubber tiles are made the same. Some are interlocking, with tabs on one tile that fit into the slots on another tile. Some tiles made for use in playgrounds and parks are very thick (up to 4 inches thick!) as well as larger than regular tiles. The standard ones are typically 12 inches by 12 inches and 3/4 of an inch thick.

They’re great for places where there’s a lot of wear and tear, whether that’s a residential or commercial setting. Places such as home gyms, office buildings, fitness and health clubs, home play rooms, pools, warehouses and even in ice rinks are great for rubber tiles.

If you’re environmentally-minded then this may be another selling point – most of these tiles are made with recycled rubber. Even better, they’re used in places like public pools and parks partially because they’re very slip-resistant. Almost any design can be printed on them, such as a company logo, big alphabet letters or fairytale characters for a kids playroom. They can be purchased in almost any color or thickness as well.

Safety is a huge factor, perhaps the single largest factor, when considering purchasing rubber flooring. For areas where kids play, this type of flooring cuts down on injuries immensely. Accidents happen and kids will be kids. They’re going to climb to the top of the monkey bars or other playground equipment and every once in a while, one kid will take a fall. Falling onto hard packed dirt or even grass is a hard hit to take and can lead to serious injuries, possibly broken bones. Rubber tiles can decrease the risk of broken bones by up to 80%. Rubber mulch is fine and much better than nothing, but mulch can get worn or tracked away and isn’t as good as tiles that stay in place.

These tiles aren’t glued down to the floor but are typically glued to each other, that way they can’t easily be torn up. However, when a tile or patch of tiles becomes worn out after years of use, you can replace just that section rather than the entire floor. This makes it a nice option rather than vinyl sheeting that comes in one large piece.

The options are virtually limitless when it comes to using these tiles in your home, office, playground or pool!

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