Tomatoes are great and one of the main things people choose to grow in their gardens. They’re cheap and easy to grow, but one of the main things they need is support. Tomato plants will just grow on the ground unless otherwise supported, and if they touch the ground, they’ll most likely rot because they’re always moist on the bottom. Another adverse effect of being on the ground is that bugs can reach them much easier.

Some tomatos grown using Texas tomato cages.

This is why people use things like tomato cages, stakes or a trellis to support the plant while it’s growing. Many expert says that they do better when caged as opposed to staked. Tomato cages also offer more protection than stakes.

The standard tomato cages (as opposed to a Texas tomato cage) can tend to wobble a little bit, so using a stake to steady it is recommended. This will help the cage support the tomatoes better.

One piece of advice is that if you do choose to use stakes, you may want to tie the stems of the plant ot the stakes somewhat loosely and use something that won’t dig into the stem. Don’t use string because it’ll tie into the stem. Some people even use pantyhose – it’ll stretch, has give, and will be gentle on the stem.

Good luck with all your gardening and if you need Texas tomato cages, stop back and please tell your frends about us!

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