Here are 15 unique gifts that are great for Christmas parties, Secret Santa or White Elephants. We scoured the internet looking for cool, fun presents that you don’t see everyday. But best of all, they’re all under $20, so they’re sure to fit within a budget or money cap.

These are unique gifts could serve as conversation pieces and just possibly make everyone jealous of the person that has you as their Secret Santa. Some of these presents you just might end up keeping for yourself. But in any case, we hope this gift guide serves you well!


1) Transformer 4GB USB Drive – $6.37

If you remember Ravager from the original line of Transformers toys, this is it! Except the panther transforms a bit different and forms an always useful USB stick.



2) Flingshot Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey – $6.10

A monkey that screams when you slingshot it across the room. The scream noise is funny and it’s great to lighten the mood in a boring or stressful work environment.



3) Mustache Printed Duck Tape – $5.99

The ultimate in practical gifts, but with a fun twist. Everybody could use duct tape at some point, and this roll is great not just for fixing stuff but also for art projects or decorating. And it’s cheap at just under $6 bucks, so it’s a nice stocking stuffer that sure to leave a smile.



4) Bacon Candy – $3.51

Bacon flavored candy that look like peppermints. Red and white for the Christmas theme. Could also be sprinkled in a stocking and disguised as peppermints for a little prank!



5) Sphere Ice Cube Tray – $7.30

This is the sort of little gift that seems like a novelty, but pays dividends even years later. Really neat spherical ice cubes can easily be made and they’re really cool to have floating around in your drink. They make almost perfectly round ice cubes. Read the reviews, they’re almost all positive!



6) Nerf Gun: Stryfe Blaster – $14.99

Another fun stress reliever for the office. Comes with 6 elite darts and fires darts up to 75 feet – pretty good distance that should cover most workplaces!



7) Bullshit Button – $9.95

Lets you call bullshit when you hear it. Just like the Easy button from Staples except says “BULLSHIT!” Kind of addictive.



8) Doom Crystal skull shotglass – $10.64

A sweet shotglass that lets the drink form into the shape of a skull. Very cool for colored licquor and a definite convesration piece. Great for the office Christmas party! We’re not sure why it’s called “Doom”, because it seems to bode well for us: good times are coming when you break this thing out!



9) Gallium – the metal that melts in your hands – $15.67

Amaze co-workers, family and friends with this Terminator 2-like metal. The melting point is the temperature of the human body, so by holding it, it melts in your hand. The cool thing is you can keep reusing it, letting it solidify and melt again.



10) Hit The Target Toilet Decal – $1.95

Fun and cheap. Great for guys to have something to shoot for :-p Also good for the home or work bathroom where guys have a tendency to be off target.



11) Swiss+Tech 19-in-1 Keyring and Multifunction Tool – $9.49

An awesome gift for under $10 bucks. A solidly made tool with a bunch of different functions like screwdrivers, hex wrenches, pliers, bottle opener and more. Best of all, it easily fits in a pocket.



12) Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling Arena – $7.10

You velcro a lightsaber onto your thumb and start thumb wrestling. You can pick from seven different game board background to fight on – different places in the Star Wars universe. Add alcohol and it’s instant fun during your work Christmas party, although we can’t be held responsible for arguments that break out about who won or who cheated. :p



13) Hand-Mounted Tool Light – $6.43

Straps onto either hand for hands-free light! Really cool for working on stuff like computer work, mechanical, or just general fixing stuff around the house. Has an elastic velcro adjustable strap and you can easily change out the (included) batteries.



14) Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug – $12.97

Pretty simple but it’s a fun mug to gift someone with and great for a white elephant item! we could see everyone wanting it and stealing it from other people.



15) Cheap Pub Crawl Santa Suit – $10.30

A more or less disposable Santa suit/costume that will do the job for a day. Great for wearing to that office Christmas party or bar crawl. While it might fall apart or get torn during your bar hopping, it’s CHEAP and includes the whole shebang: hat, white beard, pants, jacket and belt. Can’t beat it for a one-time use Santa suit.




Still haven’t found what you’re looking for, Bono? That’s ok, we have a ton of great Christmas gift ideas. Check out these gifts under $20. Or for some stocking stuffers here are some gifts under $5.

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