You can find some pretty crazy stuff on Amazon, but you might not know how much cool stuff you can find for under $5 bucks! We’ve compiled a list for you…

Mister Tea Infuser
Great for white elephant gifts – everyone is gonna want this, even if they don’t drink tea often. Hell, we want to start drinking tea just because of this! We have never steeped tea before but we really want to buy this guy and start.
Dog Collar Bow Tie
Not cute at all. Yeah right! What dog would not look great with a bow tie!?
Slow Brew – Sloth Tea Infuser
Super cute tea infuser and a great secret santa gift for the aspiring tea drinker. The tea comes out of its butt! If you don’t think your gift recipient would mind sloth butt tea, then this might be a good option. 😉
Dolphin Sandwich Cutters
Cute sandwich cutters, really cool for bento boxes. Great both kids and for adults who are still kids at heart.
Water Bottle Ice Cubes
Perfect for those who take water bottles on the go – great for hiking, working out, etc. Just put a couple in your bottle and you’ve got cold water all day long!
Jazz Guitar Ice Cubes and Stirrer
Cool baby, cool. This makes really classy ice cubes that’ll go great with a jigger of your favorite whiskey. Bonus stirrer too.
Color Changing LED Showerhead
Changes color as the temperature of the water does. Fun AND useful! Careful though, the colors aren’t as expected: green is cold, blue is just right and red is very hot.
Clip On Table Cup Holders
Keeps cups/mugs/cans in place and you won’t knock them off your desk. Also great for mobile homes or people on the move. Great for parties/poker games or any other time people might knock your drink over.
Electric Stun Pen
A shocking gag gift/prank that’s great for office use and/or for kids. Do people borrow your pens often? Then this is the pen to loan out! It gives just a small kick like that of a 9 volt battery.
Morning Mug
Happy face = happy morning coffee time! When filled with (hot) coffee this mug wakes up and is happy. As coffee gets cold or you drink it, it falls asleep.
Throwing Knives
Great little gift but maybe not for that co-worker that’s a little sketchy. They might throw them at your cubicle/around your head.
Sunnyside Up Egg Mold
An egg mold that helps you cook up an egg that looks like sun and clouds – super cute!
X-Men Logo Coffee Mug
The X-Men seem to never get old. This classic-looking black mug is simple and awesome, and reminds us of the X-Men comics from the 80s. The perfect gift for the comic nerd in your life. (Assuming they’re of the Marvel fan variety of course.)
Keychain Self Defense Tool
A keychain tool that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Self-defense at the ready – the user can whip it out of a pocket or purse and have an instant weapon. Also, it can’t be dropped or yanked off of the wearer thanks to the wrist strap.
Finger Hands
Um…. what? Yeah. This is just weird and awesome fun. 1 hand becomes 5 with these certainly unique finger hands.
Emergency Underpants Dispenser
Fun gag gift, or possibly a useful gift? Real emergency underpants that can be used in case of emergency.
Gnarly Teeth, Set of 9
A whole set of fake, ugly teeth to fool people with. Meet new people and see how they react to you. Do they treat you differently with these horrible teeth? (Answer: you betcha!)
Rubber Chicken
The classic rubber chicken. We don’t know why it was a joke back in the day, but here you have it. It’s a rubber chicken! Ha!
Switchblade Comb for Facial Hair
A different take on the old switchblade comb, for mustaches and beards. This is actually useful and fun at the same time.
Extreme Chores Prank Pack
A fake gift box for kids that presents them with a video game they’ll love: EXTREME CHORES! Clean the litter box; Mow the yard – they’ll be so weirded out by this.
Theft Deterrent Moldy Sandwich Bags
These baggies should help put an end to sandwich theft at the office. Nobody’s gonna want a moldy sandwich. Even if they do at least if you see this bag in someone’s trash you’ll know who the culprit it.
Bangle Bracelet Pen
Whether your gift recipient is a child of the 80s or not, these bangle bracelet pens are totally rad. A hidden pen on your wrist, ever at the ready. It’s like a survival tool, but not at all.
0.25 each or 10 for 2.99

Black Bar Glasses

These allow you to party it up more than usual and upload the photos to Facebook! Now can have no regret when people post photos that you might rather not have made public. Of course, you’ll be tagged in those photos so people will find out anyway… But still… fun!
Decaf is for Wimps Coffee Mug
Show the world that no matter how you drink your favorite java, purist or fangled, only a caffeine buzz will suit you.
Moustache Pencil Topper
A mustache for your pencil – some instant masculinity and mirth. Who doesn’t want an extra mustache in their life?
Hershey’s Candy Scented Candles
Hershey’s Chocolate, Reese’s, and York Peppermint Pattie scented candles.
Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl
Separate compartments for milk and cereal prevent a soggy breakfast.
The ‘U Ice of A’ Ice Cube Tray
Silicone tray makes ice out of the States. Rhode Island is hardly worth it, we’re calling dibs on Texas.
Beer Flavored Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
Alcohol-free jelly beans that taste like draft beer!
Ninja Pen with Sound Effects
Goes “shiiing” when the tip is extended.
Show off your teeth in a hilarious way!
Official Farkel Game Sets
The addictive dice game of guts and luck.
Borrow My Pen? Ballpoint Pens (8-pack)
Writing utensils that leave an impression – different funny sayings on each one like “Springfield Sexual Addiction Center” and “Verdant Fields Nudist Camp”.
The French Fry Dipping Cone
Dip and devour tasty finger foods.
Golf Beer Pints
“Read Between the Lines” beer glasses with golfing flair.
Incognito Mustache Drink Markers
I mustache you a question: do you think these would be fun while drinking?
Cubed Perfection XL Ice Cube Tray
A tray to help make awesome & perfectly square ice cubes. Technically they’d be called cubes, as squares are only two-dimensional, but whatevs.
Frozen Teeth Ice Cube Tray
Make some frozen dentures to weird people out with. Toss some in a visitors glass and see how they react.
Gerber Artifact Keychain Tool
A compact Gerber tool with 3 blades, bottle opener, pry bar, screwdrivers and more. Has a lifetime warranty and sports the same rugged and reliable design that all Gerber products have.
BrewCount Beer Bottle Opener
A bottle opener that keeps track of how many beers have been opened. Reset it to zero any time you want! Useful for keeping track after throwing back several beers.
The Right Medicine Beer Can Cooler
A great little gift for that special someone who needs their daily medicine. The prescription is alcohol, and your prescription can be refilled at any time. Oh yeah, and it’ll keep a beer cold.
Flathead Wine Stopper
For the guy who likes to drink wine and fix stuff. Especially at the same time.
Breathalyzer Keychain
The under $10 gift that just might save a life, if not a ticket or loss of license.
Beer Belt 6-Pack Holder
It’s camo, fits on your waist and holds 6 beers – what more could one want? Also available in black, you will never have to get up and grab a beer again… that is until you finish your six-pack.

Toilet Shot Glasses
For when your party gets so out of hand that people are drinking out of the toilet.
Uni-corn Holders
Very corny, but also very useful and cute. Nobody wants butter-hands and these help one eat corn in a magical manner.
Sleeping Queens Card Game
More of a kids game but great family fun.
Bag Balm
Not exciting, but a bit odd and very practical. Helps soothe cuts, scratches, skin irritations, and abrasions. (Originally for cow udders!)

USB Pet Rock
This pet rock is an updated version of its 1970s cousin. It requires no feeding or care, but can be plugged into your USB port.
“Starbucks” Rise and Shine Sippy Cup
Get them started on the caffeine drip at a young age, or at least pretend to.
Collapsible Shot Glass
For the esteemed modern drinker who wishes to whip out a shot glass wherever they might be.


Hanging Closet Dress Safe
Who would think to look in your clothing for your valuables? Hiding things in plain sight is a good (and cheap) way to go.

Clip-on Hat Light
Awesome hands-free light that clips right into a baseball cap. Nice for just about any sort of night-time activity, illicit or otherwise.
6-in-1 Tire Pressure Gauge Multi-Tool
This tiny tool (only 0.2 lbs!) has a tire pressure gauge, tread depth gauge, LED flashlight, bottle opener, flat screwdriver, and key ring with quick release.
Mustache Beanie
A nice winter knit hat with a simple white mustache on black cloth. Sweet!

Millennium Falcon Ice Cube Mold
The Millennium Falcon, in your drink, how cool is that? Also works great as a chocolate mold.
Glowing LED Shot Glasses
Shot glasses that glow… available in 5 different colors.
Bacon Soap
Love bacon? You can smell like it all day long. It’s not for everyone, but if you wear it, watch out for bacon lovers.
Hammer Finger Saver & Nail Holder
Helps to save smashed fingers as well as quickly align nails for precise striking.

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