Need great gifts for under $5?  We’ve got you covered with our list of 33 gifts

Whether it’s for a Secret Santa at work, a White Elephant gift exchange or just some stocking stuffers, here are some awesome gift ideas — all for under $5 shipped!  You really can’t beat the price. Thanks Amazon!  (And thanks, Coolest Stuff Ever, we hear you say. Ah shucks, we’re humbly just the best ever… )

That said, on with the gifts…

Rabbit Egg Shaper Mold
An awesomely cute egg shaper mold in the form of a rabbit. Kids and adults alike will love it!


Bottle Cap Opener & Launcher
Great for some mischievous fun at parties – no one can resist shooting some bottle caps at people!

Leaf Strainer Tea Infuser
A tea strainer/infuser nicely designed to resemble a leaf. Holds 1 tablespoon of loose leaf tea.The long stem makes it easy to lift the tea infuser up out of the mug, plus its made of silicone and easy to clean.


Birdhouse Key Ring

A super cute bird keychain – hang the birdhouse on the wall and the birdie and key come off! A great way to store a shed key or something. A great gift for bird lovers!

This cute little birdie is awesome for holding keys that will be used by different family members, or used pretty frequently.


Bone Ballpoint Pens
Fortunately these pens are not made of real human bones (or unfortunately depending on your point of view). Yet they are scarily real looking plastic ones.


Ring Bottle Opener (10 pack)
A set of 10 rings that can open up beer bottles! Great, inexpensive gifts that can be handed out to make it easy to open a bottle anywhere, anytime. Very handy … heheh.. get it?


Chuckit! Dog Ball Launcher
The Chuckit! dog ball launcher is a must-have for dogs that need lots of exercise and love to play fetch. It’s also great for humans whose arms get tired out quickly.


Mushroom LED Light
Adorable mushroom night lights! Small, cheap and cute – a nice trifecta. They rotate smoothly through 7 different colors. It’s a translucent white until you turn it on. These make really nice stocking stuffers!

Mandalas, Animals, and Paisley Patterns Adult Coloring Book

A soothing and really cool adult coloring book for those who like 60s retro designs. IT has all sorts of intricate illustrations from circular mandalas to paisley floral patterns to birds, lions and other animals. You certainly won’t get bored coloring this book.3.99

Pig Spoon Holder

No more messes from laying the spoon down on the counter. No more wasting paper towels picking up tiny messes like this! Just attach this guy to the side of your pan or pot and stick in the spoon.4.64

If you’re walking with your dog early in the morning or later in the evening, this thing is a lifesaver. Especially in those cold and dark winter months when it seems like every hour outside of work the sun is down!

Flexible USB Mini Fan

A small USB fan that plugs right into your PC, desktop, laptop or wall charger.


Trojan Dash Button

A Dash Button for what else but Trojan condoms… never run out again! This is some important stuff to remember, and a great little gag gift that’s actually useful :)


Kramer Wall Poster

Well, well well, it’s a beautiful classic painting of one Cosmo Kramer. In poster format. It’s simply beautiful and brings a tear to the eye. This poster rocks, but even better is the fact that it’s pseudo-framed in the poster itself!


Skull Bandana

An awesome skull bandana that’ll cover your neck and mouth – and for under $5! Super cheap and quality too. This will fit just about anyone, even if they have a huge head!


“If You Can Read This… Bring Me Wine” Socks

These socks are super cute and fuzzy and keep your feet warm without getting too hot. Perfect for sipping a wine in front of the fire.

They ain’t just for the ladies either – guys, these will work just fine for you too. Of course you have another option, a “BRING ME BEER” pair of socks, if that’s more your thing.


“If You Can Read This… Bring Me A Cold Beer” Socks

The beer version of the socks above! On top of being great for beer-lovers and kicking back on the couch, they’re also very cozy socks that you can wear around anywhere.


The Farting Animals Coloring Book

A great coloring book for kids of all ages. (See what we did there?) A great little white elephant gift or secret santa gift. Features farting animals of all types that you can color in, including (but not limited to) dogs, pandas, giraffes, horses, hippos and kittens. Super silly and fun.


Go F*ck Yourself, I’m Coloring: Swear Word Coloring Book

Hoo boy, this may the perfect gift for your cuss-loving friend or co-worker… and perhaps the best adult coloring book we can think of! Color a large variety of cusses like, “eat a bag of d***s”.


Coin Stealing Cat Piggy Bank

Known in Japan as the “Mischief Bank”, this box contains a cute little cat that will steal a coin if you place it on the box and push a button.


John Belushi Animal House Poster

A poster of the great John Belushi as “Bluto” in the classic comedy film Animal House. An awesome poster, especially for a dorm room!


Kids Knitted Winter Beanie w/ Earflap

Oh my geez cuteness overload. An awesome beanie for toddlers! Very cute with little ears that will get your baby lots (more) compliments!


Black Dope Hat

“That hat is dope!” Ok, this may seem cheesy, but if you want some attention and people saying that over and over to you, this is the hat to get. Again, it’s one of those items you could easily pay $15-20 for in a store and yet it’s under $5 on Amazon. Wowza.


Starry Night Vincent van Gogh Poster

Perhaps Vincent van Gogh’s most well-known work of art, now available for under $5 dollars in poster form. You could grab a frame and make a nice little secret santa gift for the artsy person for under $10 bucks!

Skull Motorcycle Half Mask

A great little motorcycle mask that will protect the lower half of your face. Also great for ATVs, dirt bikes or any other off road or open vehicles where your face can get cold or hit by stuff.


Saxophone Pipe

A nicely-crafted saxophone pipe to smoke tobacco, marijuana or other substances. The saxophone is made well and is highly detailed – but sadly you can’t actually play it and it doesn’t make a noise when you inhale. That would be truly awesome! We can only hope that someone makes such a pipe in the future.


Stanley 4-in-1 Pen-Sized Screwdriver

Precision screwdrivers and more that fits in your pocket! Has magnetic non-slip bits. Being the size of a pen, you can quite literally toss it in a pocket. Made by Stanley, a quality long-time hardware manufacturer, so you know it’s good. Very cool for $3 bucks shipped.


X-Rated Shots Book

More than 50 shots we dare you to say out loud! It’s a pocket-sized book that you can take with you to a bar or party to get drink ideas. It’s a great little stocking stuffer for someone who loves to party.


Vintage Rope Knot Bottle Opener

A rustic-looking bottle opener that looks like a rope knot. Super handy to have on your keychain at the ready to open a bottle whenever you or a friend needs it!


Japanese Lotus Flower Wall Mural

A lovely Japanese lotus mural for your wall! It’s a great way to spruce up almost any room. Make a room themed Japanese or at least a bit more earthy.


Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness Poster

For Parks and Recreation fans, this Ron Swanson poster remind you of things to think about every day, such as masonry, cabins, facial hair and lack of crying. Frame it and hang it in your den or office, preferably a places with wooden walls and lots of mahogany furniture.


Collapsible Travel Cup

A portable, collapsible drinking cup that will fit in a pocket, purse or backpack. Takes up virtually no space! Excellent for hiking, camping, traveling, picnics or drinking alcohol that you sneaked into the movie theater. :p


Unbreakable Foldable Travel Wine Bag

A travel wine bag that holds a bottle of your favorite wine! Don’t worry about breaking your wine bottle, plus take this in places you couldn’t carry a bottle. (Pro tip: Combine with the travel cups above!)


*Note that Amazon prices change frequently depending on the seller. The prices marked are what they were when we researched it. Just FYI that not all these products will remain under $5 each – but they should still be viable cheap gifts.

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