Well, that overly hyped holiday for loved ones known as Valentine’s Day is almost upon us! Whether you’re with that special someone or looking for that person, here are some things you could use.

This is the (un)usual collection of gifts in the Coolest Stuff Ever format. Weird, wacky, wild stuff and just some great Valentines gift ideas in general!

#1 – Get Something From Your Loved Ones Amazon Wishlist

First off, here’s our NUMBER 1 Valentines gift tip. A lot of people use Amazon’s Wishlist to save things they want for later. You can find the Wishlists of your friends, family or sweetheart! Just hit the link below, and in the top right where it says “Find Wish Lists and Registries” enter the persons name or email address

How To Find Your Loved Ones Amazon Wishlist

If you can’t find your loved ones wishlist or their list doesn’t have anything you want to buy for them, well you may still be in luck – we have a bunch more sweet ideas for ya!


20 More Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Plush Kitten Bouquet¬†– Forget the real flowers, those are super expensive, last only a week or so if you’re lucky, and people with allergies can’t handle them. These kittens will be cute for years and years!

Amore Romantic Invitation Gift Set – with scented silk rose petals and soft tealight candle votives, you have the perfect way to set the mood in a room for romance. Put some Sade on a Pandora station and this won’t be any ordinary love. You can arrange the flower petals and candles in an inviting, romantic fashion and leave the included note to tell your loved one where to find you.


Candy Bar Love Cake – holy hell, we do NOT want to know how many calories are in this thing. We’d pretend like we wouldn’t eat it, but when no one was around, we’d totally start devouring it like some sort of animal. Then we’d sit with that full stomach of regret wondering why in the hell we have no willpower against chocolate. Le sigh. Still, it makes a good gift, just for the shock value of the sight of the thing!


Undead Teddy Bears! Something completely different, but teddy bears for Valentine’s Day are a little dated. Here’s something pretty awesome. They have tons of different versions of these undead bears!


Sex For Dummies – good for the uninformed or as a gag gift. Either way, it’s a win, because you’ll be talking and thinking about sex. Maybe you’ll get some ideas :)


365 Sex Positions Book – a step further from the Sex For Dummies book, this gives you some concrete photo examples! O.o Quit being so bland and try some new positions. Missionary is fine – it’s sort of like pizza in that pizza is never bad, there are just levels of pizza. Sex is great but it can always be better, different and in different forms.


Plush Puppy Valentines Gift Box


Foreplay Dice!


The Ex Valentines Knife Set – For those with an evil ex.


Geek Love Poem T-shirt – for the HTML/CSS Web Developer geek in your life


Couples “Say I Love You” Pillowcases – awww, how sweet!


Binary I Love You Print – Back to something a bit more tame but still awesome for the geekier among us.


Heart Waffle Maker – celebrate your love throughout the year by making waffles in the shape of hearts!


Broquet – Bouques for Men!


Heart Shaped Ice Cube Tray Рlikewise you can make ice cubes in the shape of hearts. You can also make heart shaped chocolates with this!


I Love You Toast Stamper – It’s very simple: you stamp your bread and then toast it, the message will reveal itself after toasting! A nice message for your loved one throughout the year; a daily reminder of your love. (We love leaving little notes and messages reminding our s/o that we love them – this is another great way!)


Pixel Heart Morphing Mug – when hot, the heart fills up!


8-Bit Flower Bouquet РAnother (and cheaper) way to give a flower to the geek in your love life! It never needs watering and the Princess in another castle will have a semi-permanent marker of your affection for her! (Or him, we expect gamer dudes would enjoy this too!)


Valentine’s Day Heart LEGO Box – a box to store keepsakes and memories of your love that you can build LEGO bricks on top of! Build it up as your relationship (and family?) builds.


That’s all we got for this years Valentine’s Day. How about any cool stuff that we missed? Hit us up in the comments!

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