Some super cool gift ideas!

All are available via Amazon Prime 1 day shipping… all under $5 … all great stocking stuffers/Secret Santa ideas.

Get shopping, and good luck!


Deep Diver Tea Infuser
A deep sea diver tea infuser; super cute for those times when you need a something a little different to infuse your tea. 
He works pretty well: fill him up with tea leaves, close him up, attach his “belt” that encloses the whole thing and send him down into the depths. He’ll sit there gently infusing your water with those precious tea leaves.

Measuring Tape/Scotch Tape Dispenser
A scotch tape dispenser that looks like measuring tape! Great gift for a woodworker, carpenter or anyone else who regularly uses tools like this.


Creative Cactus Pen
A cactus pen with a green rubbery base. Writes very nicely in a deep blue ink. It works well as a functional office pen, but it also makes a nice artistic statment!


Kinetic Art Balance Toy
A neat balance toy for an office desk, study or playroom. Kind of hypnotizing/mesmerizing as it swings back and forth.And we love the “Engrish” descriptions from the product page on Amazon! Check it out:
Tiniest Time Pass tool. When u don’t have work just play with it.
When you put the small people on the plastic base and poke it, it will swing on both sides for a while.
Put on the desk steadily, do not occupy the space.
Well… they’re not wrong. :p

Wooden Baby Tooth Box
Ok, first thought: gross. Super gross. Who wants a memento of tiny little baby teeth? But on second thought, this is really rather cool. A permanent reminder of your kids baby teeth. In your later years, it’s something you might very well appreciate.
Better yet, it’s something that your child might really appreciate once they’re older.I know that once I reached my thirties I became much more appreciative of all those things from my childhood. If my parents had saved my baby teeth, I could show my own kids my teeth! Pretty special.

Plunger Holders For iPhone/Android
Cute little plungers to stick to your phone and prop it up. You get 10, count ’em, TEN of them!


Neck Cracker Gimmick/Magic Trick
A fun prank/magic trick to weird people out .. it sounds like a neck cracking! You can move your neck at the same time as this for full effect. It’s cooler than it sounds, trust us.


Phase 10 Card Game
Phase 10 – an oldie but a goodie, and for under $5 bucks shipped, it’s a great stocking stuffer!


Side View Mirror Smiley Face Decal
Absolutely adorable and amazingly amicable. Ok, that was our bad attempt at alliteration, but it’s true. This decal is cute as heck-fire!


Shock Baton Gag Gift
A little baton that can be used to shock your buddies. Tell people it’s a flashlight and let them shock themselves!


Survival Key Ring Compass
A slick compass that you can slap onto a keychain. Always know which way you’re going! Great to attach to a backpack or survival bugout bag.Honestly, this item might seem a little chintzy at first glance, but it holds up over time and it’s super handy. Your hunting/outdoorsy friends will appreciate it.

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