Here are 10 amazingly cool Secret Santa gifts for UNDER $5!

Need ideas for a Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange? Maybe you’re looking for some stocking stuffers.

Whatever the case, you can’t go wrong with these gift ideas!


Postcard Airplane
Remember those balsa wood airplanes that could fly forever? Well this is a postcard that the recipient can use to make a glider out of!


Wild Tribe Credit Card Pocket Knife
Pull out your credit card and use it as a knife! Keep it in your wallet and always have a knife on you. Super handy and useful (and cheap!)


“Illest” Beanie
A beanie that simply says, “Illest”. Great for those who are or want to be the illest. And hey, you can’t go wrong buying a quality beanie like this for just $3.15 shipped!


F-Bomb Stickers
For those who like to drop F-bombs wherever you go! Great little stickers (a set of 2) to slap on your hardhat helmet, welding helmet, guitar case, car, or wherever the hell you want.

Fishing Tea Infusers
Cute little fishing tea infusers. Great for adults or kids alike! Works great and doesn’t let any tea leaves out. Good idea for a kids tea party.


The Beatles Yellow Submarine Throw Pillow Cover
Very cute Yellow Submarine throw pillow cover. Great for any Beatles fan!


Crazy Strawberry Laces
“Strawberry” shoelaces for those who like to spice things up and make their shoes more customized.


Mushroom LED Nightlight
Great and adorable nightlights that can rotate through 7 colors.


Original Uno Card Game
The original Uno card game – a classic that’s great to bust out for any Christmas party!


3D Safari Cookie Cutters
Cookie cutters that help you and your kids make a 3D animal! Comes with 4 pieces: you cook up the cookies and assemble out of those 4 parts. Very cute to see although you and your kids will want to eat the animals before too long :p


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