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Bio Gel Zero-Energy Refrigerator

Bio Gel Zero-Energy Refrigerator

This fridge is some awesome new technology. It's not quite clear if it's beyond prototype stage or not, as the info about it is scarce and what there is is badly translated from Japanese (or some other language).

The short and sweet:

It's a bio-nano refrigerator that uses gel to keep things cool. It doesn't even need energy to cool things! This is because it somehow uses the transformation of invisible infrared radiation into visible light. Don't ask us how this works because our minds are already blown!

Suffice to say that somehow it uses light (or wavelengths similar to that which we call light) to move heat from one place to another. A side-effect of the heat transfer process is that the gel glows! (i.e. luminesence)

You basically shove stuff into this gel that keeps the products secure in the fridge. The gel is strong enough to keep food held in place without needing a door.

Some other cool bonuses about this super-fridge: The odors of each food item won't spread around. It doesn't take up nearly as much space as a standard fridge.

There are no shelves or doors. It can be horizontal or vertical. The gel has no smell and leaves no residue on your hands. It's completely silent with no moving parts.

Quite simply... this is the fridge of the futre if it's all true and works as stated! Fingers crossed that we could all possibly have one of these in our kitchens in under 10 years.


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