Bike Tire LED Light

Bike Tire LED Light

Sweet bike tire LED lights that light up blue as you bike!

Ok, these bike tire LEDs may seem chincy or crappy or China-ey, but they're actually pretty cool. Now they are inexpensive, $2.24 per pack of 2 at time of writing. And they do come from China, technically (although shipment is from Amazon). 

However, the ones we got were great! They worked right out of the package and have lasted for months so far. They're pretty sweet, although you can't see them too well in the daytime. In the dusk or night though, they're fabulous. They're a nice extra little safety precaution for night-time biking as well as looking cool.

To install, just take off your existing bike stem cap and screw these on, pretty easy. We didn't have any problems with installation and the bike LEDs stayed on there too. 



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