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Beer Mitt

Beer Mitt

Keeps your hands warm and your beer cold! Perfect for outdoor parties, tailgating, bonfires, camping - anything where you'll be drinking outside. 

The thick, insulated mitt has a glove inside it to keep your hand warm from your cold drink.  

We know it's hard to keep warm at winter parties. We're thinking of Oktoberfest parties mainly, but there are many other times throughout the fall and winter months that we drink outside, and man those hands can get cold!

You can wear gloves, but the ones with fingers - the gloves that are thin enough that you can hold things - are usually not enough to keep your hands warm. 

You can opt to wear mitts but those are usually too big and clunky to be able to hold a drink. (Not to mention you can't throw snowballs with 'em. Don't get me started on mitts.)  

These beer mitts are truly the perfect compromise. 

Warm hands, cold beer, and never the twain shall meet.

They don't take up a lot of room - you can just stash them in a coat pocket until you need them.

For thirty bucks, it's the perfect winter outdoor drinking utility and we love it!


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