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Beer Briefcase

Beer Briefcase

Look professional and always be ready for a party. Haul around your favorite 6 beers in style. Now that's the way to tote a 6-pack around!

It's just like a regular briefcase, only better.  It's solid metal with locks so that no one can drink your beer. It has foam cutouts to accept most standard beer bottles.

We sort of wish it could hold different sized beer bottles or maybe even wine bottles. Perhaps you can fashion your own foam cutouts for those.

In any case, it's a super cool case. Can you imagine showing up to your next business meeting with this, wearing a suit and tie. You act all serious and tell people, "All right, let's get down to business". Then you slowly unlock both latches and flip up the case lid. You proceed to hand out beers and instantly turn the place into a business party!  If that doesn't help you get some ideas, we don't know what will.


Tags: beer
Categories: Drinking, Office, WTF