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The Beatles Yellow Submarine Throw Pillow

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Throw Pillow

Very cute Yellow Submarine throw pillow cover. Great for any Beatles fan!

Great for a really nice little throw pillow, especially for people that love classic rock or anything related to rock history. 

Just be warned however, that this listing is a tad deceptive (although maybe not on purpose? We hope...). First of all, you're getting JUST the pillow cover, NOT an actual pillow. Not a huge deal for the price (it's a helluva deal), but something that you need to know before ordering.

Also, it's not 18"x18" as listed in the product description. It's 16"x16". 

That said, it's a very good quality with excellent printing and the zipper works nicely. The feel is a little rough, almost like burlap. So it's not a super cozy pillow, but it looks cool. 

Now you can make up your mind! For $2.34, it's pretty sweet.

If you need a pillow to insert into this cover, here you go... it's just $7.99 shipped so you can get both items for under $10 bucks. 


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