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Beard Trimmer Bib

Beard Trimmer Bib

Connects to your mirror with suction cups and catches all those stray hairs. Makes cleanup a snap - and no more clogging up the sink!

Awesome product overall. It works pretty nicely and setup is a breeze. It catches the beard hairs as you trim them. No more holding a little garbage can underneath as you trim up your beard. Very nice. Even comes with a little storage bag.

It comes with suction cups that can attach to your bathroom mirror. You could also have the bib go towards the toilet - letting all the trimmed hair go right down there. No more clogging your bathroom sink! 

Now, this product is actually a version of the first/real Beard King Bib. That said, it's still a very good version of it. It's not a cheap piece of crap knockoff; this is good stuff.


Categories: Adult, Home, Mustache