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Bear + Deer = BEER Sticker

Bear + Deer = BEER Sticker

Beer equals bear + deer... who knew? We don't fully understand this sticker, but that's ok - it just makes us like it that much more!

A great sticker to slap on your car, laptop, fridge or guitar case. It'll really make people and/or go "huh??". 

A bear/deer is much like a jackelope: rarely seen but often speculated upon. Ok, it's not really thought of much, but it should be. Because it's a BEER!

Is it a drunk bear wearing antlers? We'd like to think so. In any case, for the price ($1.71 shipped on Amazon) this is a no-brainer. Great for a little stocking stuffer or just a totally random purchase. This is a great 2am drunk browsing purchase. Go for it! :p 


Categories: Adult, Drinking, Humor