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Bathtub Wine Glass Holder

Bathtub Wine Glass Holder

We love products that are brilliant despite being very simple and this wine glass holder is one of them. Who wouldn't want one of these?

After a long, hard day it's nice to wind down and relax with a hot bath and a glass of wine. Now you have the perfect way to hold your wine and not spill it! It can be placed out of the way where your legs and arms won't knock it over.

We've used some trays that lay across the entire bath, but those are bulky and you run the risk of knocking it over. 

The Wave Hook also has other different types, although the Wine Glass Holder is the most popular (and we see why!). These include the Shower Beer Holder and the Cubby Shelf - both great little products of themselves.

The Beer Holder will let you drink a beer in the shower - or a soda, or anything in a can or bottle.

The Cubby Shelf has 2 ways of use: one mode as a cup and one as a flat shelf. Both modes let you hang something from the Cubby Shelf.

All products are dishwasher safe.

All products are also made with a 3D printer! There's a Kickstarter at the moment to help the project out. The owner wants money for a new 3D printer and supplies. 

We think this is another awesome entrerpreneur of the digital age. This guy came up with a design and started making things in his own home - and created a business with it!

And they're products that people love. Yes, that wine glass holder is simple when you look at it, but how much is that going to affect people's lives? A ton. And you "get it" by looking at the product in a glance. You're like, "Oh yeah, my wife would use one of those. Brilliant!" 

What do *you* think?


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