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Banana Pencil Eraser

Banana Pencil Eraser

Squeeee! These are super-cute banana pencil erasers ... for cheap, bro!

Ok, they might seem a little silly at first, and honestly, a little cheaply made in addition to being cheap. But these are actually pretty cool.

You get 2 erasers, each of which looks like a banana. They come with the banana peel that they slip into. Each banana has a different face. only the banana itself is an eraser, not the peel.

In general, each eraser should last you a few weeks maybe months, if not longer. But it all depends on your "erasing habits" :p Some people use the crap out of erasers, others ration them wisely. 

These are awesome as little gifts for kids or office-mates. They're really inexpensive party favors too, especially if you have some sort of banana or monkey-related theme for your party. 

We know of a little girl who looooooves Curious George and anything monkey-related, and these would be perfect for her. 


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