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Bag of Unicorn Farts

Bag of Unicorn Farts

That's right, a real bag of unicorn farts! Funny thing, unicorn farts smell and taste just like cotton candy. Makes sense, right?

Unicorn farts are magical, majestic and 100% mystical. They're not just a bag of cotton candy - for shame, should you think that!

Unicorn farts are a rarity, sought after by the elite food connoisseurs of the world. All unicorn farts in these bags are 100% gluten free and locally sourced. They are referred to as the "Caviar of Bagged Farts".

Great for kids, these bags a blast and can make dreams come true. There's sheer magic inside!

Ok, there's a lot of hype about this product and we've been talking some shit, but for real, this is a neat idea. Unlike some products that offer nothing, like Kiss's bagged air and the nothing ball, this actually contains something useful and edible - cotton candy. 

But there really is a little bit of magic in this - in that kids might think it's really a thing. Remember when you used to believe in Santa Claus? Well, magic like that still exists for some kids.

Plus it's just fun for adults too. These are a truly unique gift for a birthday party, office gift exchange or just a random little pick-me-up surprise. 

We heard a story of one little girl who truly believed in Unicorns and was overjoyed to get this bag as a gift. She was walking around all day showing it to people, explaining how unicornsare real and that they donate their magic farts to people for us to eat and gain nourishment - and a small amount of their magic! :) 

Simply neat.


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