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Backpack Drink Dispensers

Backpack Drink Dispensers

Carry a double drink dispenser on you, guaranteeing you'll be the life of the party! Serve up shots, some beer, wine, or hey, even soft drinks, lemonade or water - all very easily from two separate taps.

This is perfect for outdoor parties, yard parties, pool parties, what have you. You're literally carrying 210 ounces of beverage around with you!

And the backpack itself is very lightweight with comfy padded shoulder straps. It even has a mesh bag for carrying those red Solo cups (or any other variety, we assume). 

Everyone will be coming to you for refills, so if you want to be social this is one way to do it. For those who are shy, hey, here's a challenge for you to overcome! And you can rest assured that no one is going to not like you - you've got the damn drinks!


Categories: Drinking, Humor, Outdoor