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"Asia Old Man" Wall Decal

"Asia Old Man" Wall Decal

A wall decal of a strange and unknown Asian man. No one knows why this exists, but here you have it. 

This wall decal by Wallmonkeys is one of the weirdest finds we've come across. You can get it in different sizes and it's a very high quality wall decal.

But why might you buy it? 

Well, one reviewer claimed that it helped his GPA go up immediately to a 3.9. Perhaps the oddly named "Asia Old Man" wall cling has special powers.

Another reviewer said that it helped her work ethic. When se felt down and unable to be productive, she merely had to look up to be inspired by the Asia Old Man. 

If you need a friend, well he can't hug you, but Asia Old Man is there with his odd Mona Lisa smile. It seems oddly comforting.


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