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Apple iPhone 5 Maze Case

Apple iPhone 5 Maze Case

This is pure old school fun combined with a new-school case! Rotate your phone to get the little metal balls to the center of the maze.

Comes in three different color combinations, each of which have their own totally unique maze! You could collect them all and swap out the type of maze. 

Honest the orange and pink one doesn't look like much of a maze but more of a Plinko-style game where the ball can float freely down the board, but we could be wrong.

The blue & green and red & blue ones looks good though. Even better they look like they offer complete protection from drops and water damage. So many cases these days are simply a way to protect against scratches - but these cases appear to be able to handle really rough drops and shield against minimal to moderate water. That is, don't drop your iPhone 5 in a pond and you should pretty much be ok.

All said, the Puregear Gamer Case is a really cool little maze, and even if you run out of juice you'll still have the old school analog maze game to keep you occupied! (At least for a few minutes...) :)


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