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Anti-stress Fidget Cube

Anti-stress Fidget Cube

This serves the same purpose as the fidget spinner, but with more variety and functions. It is a die instead of a spinner (and it's "die" not dice, no matter what the seller of this product says :p But don't get us started...)

Anyway, this is a really cool fidget die, great quality, cool color and is great for kids and adults that have attention deficit issues, have autism or simply have lots of energy.  This is a great little tool to help divert some of that nervous energy. 

This die has mulitiple funcitons that include a joystick, switch, buttons, spinners, roller and more.

When you click one of the buttons it has the exact feeling of clicking a pen, which have a very satisfying feeling. 

The original version of this fidget cube was created on a Kickstarter campaign. OF course not even months after it gained popularity, Chinese manufacturers knocked off the design and started selling it on Amazon. We can argue about the ethics of such a move (yeah it's kind of a dick move) but the winner here is us, the consumer. We get to buy an arguably close to original product at a fraction of the price.


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