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Adult Beer Sippy Cup

Adult Beer Sippy Cup

This distinguished adult sippy cup will spare you the shame of your cup overflowing. No more pretending you spilled that beer on purpose to "pour some out" for your fallen homies.

There’s no use crying over spilled milk, but we all have that special friend we dread inviting over for poker, a picnic, or the big game because they will inevitably spill beer in to our carpets. It may be their first one, or their tenth, but there is only one victor in Gravity vs. The Fool and your floor-coverings always end up baptized in beer. 

If you don’t have a friend like this, and are comfortable going anywhere to have one with the guys/gals, then- by God- you ARE this person. There’s only one way to redeem yourself now in the eyes of your peers- get an ADULT SIPPY CUP and stop spilling your beers!

That’s a fact, Rugrat. Slap the power of this double-walled, insulated, acrylic ass-kicker of a beer tumbler into your sweaty paw and tip back 18 cold, bubbly ounces with confidence, just like a grown person. 

The secret to your new success is this tumbler’s open/close and drink-through lid. By simply closing the lid when not drinking through it, you can not only go home dry like a big boy/girl, but also not embarrass the person who brought you along by leaving a wet spot on your host’s carpet like an unbroken pup.

Prevent beer abuse, spare innocent carpets, who knows…perhaps even be invited back again, you Dynamo of Dryness! This ADULT SIPPY CUP has so got your back that the insulation of double-walls will spare you from the damnation of condensation on your buddy’s inlaid coffee table. Damn. The Kardashians don’t get coverage like that, yo.
Now march yourself over and do the right thing. Let this tumbler be a Transformer in your Corner, instantly converting you from persona non grata to Hakuna Matata. 


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