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We love cool stuff. There you have it: it's uber-cheesy, but it's true. We've always loved geeky products and browsing around and finding cool stuff on the Web.

In full disclosure, most of the products we find are affiliate links. We link over to a site like Amazon and if you buy something we get a little cut. This site is a labor of love and if you support us, then awesome! 
We only post products that we believe in, are cool, interesting or otherwise geeky.  If it's a shoddy product or has bad reviews we don't post it. Some crappy items might slip by us, but hopefully the community will let us know if that happens and we can remove them from the site.
(Also, if you happen to be buying something else on Amazon, you could click through from one of our links and we'll get a cut... it would be very cool and we'd be so thankful - as this site doesn't pay the bills by itself, not by a long shot.)
If you have any ideas for products or other suggestions for the site, by all means, hit us up using the Contact Us form. 
We hope you find this site interesting and that our products are indeed some of the coolest stuff ever and thanks for stopping!