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76% Of Statistics Are Made Up T-Shirt

76% Of Statistics Are Made Up T-Shirt

It's completely true! Well not 100% true, about 99.86% true. We cannot verify it beyond that percentage. 

But people will believe you, because most people are so gullible they'll fall for anything. Like that it says "gullible" on the ceiling. Or that your vote matters. Or that the 2 party system isn't broke or unconstitutional or that George Washington didn't argue against political parties.

But we don't want to get off on a political rant. 57% of friendships end in arguments over politics. We wouldn't want you leaving this fine site because of something stupid we said. (We don't mean 32% of what we say anyway, a lot of it is just filler text that we try to be funny with.)

Anyhow, it's is a verified statistic from the Bureau of Useless Statistics that 79% of your friends, family and co-workers will like this shirt and smile because you are wearing it. That's something! The rest, well, as Abe Lincoln once famously said, you can't please everybody all the time and the ones that you do well half of them were just faking it anyway. Or something like that.

But in complete 100% sincereness, this shirt is is a nice shirt with a funny saying on it. It's 100% cotton (ooo another 100% stat!) and comes in charcoal in sizes small through 3XL. Beyond that, we have no other verified statistics or information. You'll just have to go with your gut.


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