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7 Color LED Shower Head

7 Color LED Shower Head

A sweet shower head that lights up in multiple colors. This LED shower head lights up only when water is running through it and rotates through 7 seven colors. It fits on almost all taps. No battery is required.

Now, this is a steal for $3 bucks. It's not going to blow you away and isn't *quite* as featured in the photo. However, it's kinda cool and should pique some interest in your houseguests.

There's a ring at the bottom of the faucet that lights up - it doesn't really light up the water in any way. Although, if it's not light up too much in your bathroom, the effect is kinda cool and it appears as though the water is illuminated.

Again, if you want high-end, you should pay a little more money, but for a neat little trinket (or under $5 gift), this is kinda cool!


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